Wonder Woman TV series coming to NBC

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DC comics have never had to do much to sell Batman or Superman to any audience in any medium but Wonder Woman over the last decade has had movies turned down, TV series in limbo and she wasn’t even allowed an appearance in Smallville. But now she may have her own TV show thanks to David E Kelly.

David E Kelly wrote what was apparently an amazing script for the first season or so of Wonder Woman. It was turned down by several TV stations in the last few weeks but has now been picked up by NBC. Thank you NBC.

The show apparently wasn’t turned down due to quality but mainly due to licensing fees for using the character and scenarios which my be why she will have a slight reinvention.

The new Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince will be a vigilante crime fighter and probably be fairly similar to the recent revamp we saw in the comics from issue #600 onwards.

Since the series has only just been signed we haven’t got any casting news but it will probably not star Megan Fox as one of the past movie rumours had but it will hopefully still be awesome. A fan favourite for the role could be someone like Michelle Ryan or Summer Glau with a background in being a hot action chick in a TV show.

As far as air dates are concerned we might have something for September 2011 is NBCs production schedule is anything to go off.

Thanks to Deadline.com for the confirmation.

Posted by Adi Mursec on January 24, 2011

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