Comics have been made into TV series for longer than they have been made into movies. With shows like Smallville, Walking Dead and even that Aquaman pilot. Super Robot Mayhem finally has a place for comics on TV.

Arrow Season 4 – who’s in the grave

Wondering who dies in season 4 of Arrow? Here are some thoughts on who it could be and reasoning behind them.

Lucifer pilot review

A review of the Lucifer pilot from Fox. Based on the comic book it follows the devil as he migrated to LA for a vacation from hell

Laura Vandervoort joins the cast of Supergirl

Laura Vandervoort has been cast as Indigo in the new Supergirl TV show. Indigo is a Kryptonian super computer gone bad.

Will the Punisher get his Skull T-shirt in Daredevil

With the first pictures of Jon Bernthal as the Punisher the question is raised if we will see him with the trademark skull imprint which helped define the iconic rogue cop.

Lucifer TV show

Based on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman spin off comic Lucifer a live action TV show will bring the dark lord of hell to LA where he owns a night club and solves crimes.

Is Robert Queen the Green Arrow on Earth 2

Did Flash just tease an Earth 2 alternative Arrow as Robert Queen survives

Ash vs The Evil Dead s01e01 Review

A review of Ash vs The Evil Dead which sees the return of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell to the horror comedy franchise which keeps you scared and laughing at the same time.

Ash vs the Evil Dead

News on the news Starz TV series Ash vs The Evil Dead which carries on 30 years after the previous movies and even brings back Bruce Campbell as Ash himself.

Did Flash just tease Superman in Earth 2

Did the makes of the Flash TV show just tease us with Supermans Kryptonian escape pod?

Red Tornado joins Supergirl

The Supergirl TV show gets another super villain or possible super hero as Red Tornado is cast in the show

Preacher TV series

The upcoming AMC TV adaptation of Garth Ennis’s The Preacher has an air date and cast

Arrow Season 4 trailer and pictures

An explosive trailer for Season 4 of Arrow showing us the team behind it have a lot of ideas and are giving fans what we want to see

Major teaser for Green Lantern in Arrow season 4

Teaser or full confirmation that we will see Hal Jordans Green Lantern join the Arrow TV universe in season 4

Three new villains join Supergirl TV show

Three new super villains have signed up to the Supergirl TV show and it looks like we are going to see some awesome action in the new show.

Caity Lotz trains with legend Dan Inosanto

Just when you thought Caity Lotz couldn’t get any more awesome she tells us she is being trained by Dan Inosanto

A League of Assasins spin-off

With the massive success of Flash and Arrow are CW and DC looking to make a spin-off show based on the League of Assassins.

Flash star Danielle Panabaker has accident during filming season 2

Danielle Panabaker the actress who plays Caitlin Snow has had a fall weeks after Flash season two starts filming.

Punisher joins Daredevil season 2

Official confirmation that the Punisher will be joining the Daredevil in his second series and Frank Castle will be played by Jon Bernthal.

Supergirl S01E01 Pilot Review

A review of the CBS Supergirl pilot starring Melissa Benoist which could give Flash and Arrow a run for their money.

Melissa Benoist Supergirl trailer

The first trailer for the Melissa Benoist Supergirl TV show. It looks like it will kick off with a flying start taking off from where Smallville left us.

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