Comics have been made into TV series for longer than they have been made into movies. With shows like Smallville, Walking Dead and even that Aquaman pilot. Super Robot Mayhem finally has a place for comics on TV.

Constantine series on Hold / Canceled

Constantine is on hold until viewer ratings pick up and is currently set to end after the first series run of 13 episodes.

First look at Katie Cassidy as the Black Canary

Here are two official pictures of Katie Cassidy as the Black Canary as Laurel takes on the mantle from her sister.

Laurel Lance Black Canary Costume from Arrow

First picture of the new look Laurel Lance Black Canary costume in Arrow.

The Big list of TV shows based on comics

The big list of TV shows based on comics. It goes all the way back to the 1950s and Superman which started the whole comic – TV invasion.

Netflix Daredevil costume picture

The first official images released of the new look Daredevil from the Netflix exclusive series set to air in 2015.

Constantine TV Series

Hellblazer gets a TV series on NBC when Constaine airs with a whole host of superstar writers including Alan Moore, Garth Ennis and David S Goyer.

Gotham s01e01 review

Set in a world before Batman, Gotham follows Jim Gordon the only honest cop in the city as he tried to find the killers of Bruce Waynes parents.

iZombie TV show on CW

CW are working with DC comics once again to produce a TV show based on the Vertigo series iZombie. You may think you have seen allt he zombie movies and shows but this has a whole new take on the genra.

Deborah Ann Woll joins Daredevil series

True Blood star Deborah Ann Woll has signed up to play Karen Page in the upcoming Netflix show based on Marvels Daredevil.

Brandon Routh re joins the Justice League as the Atom

Set for season 3 of Arrow we see ex Superman Brandon Routh re joining the Justice League as Atom. This could be a cameo or it could mean a whole new series.

Daredevil on Netflix

Marvel have an array of TV shows coming to Netflix soon. One of them is Daredevil which will star Charlie Cox and will air in 2015.

Full 5 minute CW Flash Trailer in HD

CW have released a 5 minute trailer for the new Arrow spin off series Flash. From the initial look this series is going to be amazing.

Marvel’s Agent Carter

Marvel are working with ABC again on a TV series based on Agent Carter the 1940s SHIELD founder.

Harley Quinn joins the Suicide Squad in Arrow

After Batman:Arkham Asylum made her the hottest villain in the DC universe Harley Quinn finally has a live action appearance in CWs Arrow where she is played by Cassidy Alexa

Grant Gustin’s Flash gets a costume

It looks like CW mean business with the upcoming Flash TV show. The show hasn’t even got a confirmed air date but they have just released this first look at Grant Gustin as the Flash.

Flash TV Show

A Flash movie may not have had much luck but thanks to CW the TV show is full moving at high speed. A spin off from Arrow it’s a whole new take on the Barry Allen.

Ben McKenzie cast as Jim Gordon

The lead role for the new Gotham TV series has been cast as Ben McKenzie signed up to play Jim Gordon.


The Gotham TV series bring produced by Fox will be based in a pre Batman Gotham and will follow a young Jim gordon and feature numerous iconic villains.

How did Coulson come back to life?

The question that has had Marvel fans speculating since the Avengers will soon be answered in Agent of SHIELD. How did Coulson survive a massive hold through his chest?

Walking Dead season 4 air dates and titles

Here are the air dates and episode titles for the upcoming season 4 of the Walking Dead. The first episode of season 4 topped the whole of season 3 in awesomeness.

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