Vince Hernandez one of the writers behind Aspens Fathom and Soulfire has just released an original supernatural series called Charismagic. So far three issues have been released and issue four is due for release on the 18th January. So it’s not too late to jump on this series and it comes highly recommended.

The first issue starts off with Hank, a magician performing in Vegas with his wife and a bunch of hottie assistants. He see’s a familiar face in the crowd of one of his shows and the story snowballs from there.

The basic back bone of the story so far follows two magic groups. One has been trapped in a dark mystic realm and the other are magic people just trying to fit in to the human world.

Hank the once stage magician is now finds himself in a world where magic is everywhere and he may be the only one to save the world. Well him his talking cat.

The artwork in Charismagic is the usual high end super sexy chicks and huge monsters which Aspen are well known for being experts at. One thing that makes this series different from a lot of others is the varied characteristics. Each character has a very distinctive look which must make it hard work to keep up consistency on such a detailed story.

I’ve always loved Aspen comics for the fact they don’t sell a comics artwork on just a nice cover by an artist who hasn’t touched a page in the comic. Every page has the same care and attention given to it as the cover.

Story wise it’s hard to compare to another series since there are unfortunately so few comics about magic and supernatural goings on out of the realm of Hell Boy or Hell Blazer.

If I had to compare it to anything it would be Fables mixed with a little bit of Hell Blazer. It’s got talking animals, monsters, wizards, warriors and the classic everyday guy turned hero.

Again it comes highly recommended and well worth checking out if you want to read something new. With the pace and well structured story unfolding with each page and issue it’s one you wont want to miss.


“Charismagic is a bold, inventive title from Aspen. Vince Hernandez has created a great set up and characters. Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez deliver smart, sexy artwork that this studio built its reputation on.”


“Like a smart magician, the creators here know that the very best part of a magic trick is getting the audience to
believe. Watch carefully. Charismagic is about to pull it all right out of its hat.”

Charismagic on Aspen

Posted by Adi Mursec on December 30, 2011


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