Red Hood and the Outsiders from the DC 52

If you like hot redhead comic chicks in bikinis blowing up tanks after a prison break do not miss this issue. The Red Hood and the Outsiders is an amazing example of how DC can deliver both a classic feeling comic in a modern package. It’s a more adult orientated version of the Teen Titans.

The new Red Hood is Jason Todd with attitude but minus the baggage of being killed that time by the Joker, maybe what Batman could have been with anger management counseling. It’s easy to fall right into this comic from the start. I’m not sure what the big story will be about but at the moment I don’t care as it was the best introduction to the characters you could ask for.

So far the Outsiders consists of Jason Todd aka the Red Hood, Starfire the alien princess and Green Lanterns reject sidekick Arsenal.

Written by Scott Lobdell who worked on Wildcats and the new Superboy reboot so you know the comic is in good hands story wise.

Artwork wise for a first issue it had everything you could ask for. Some unbelievable comic art by Kenneth Rocafort who did the final issue of Action Comics cover. I’ve always liked Starfire but but shes always been a background character. She defiantly gets the attention she deserves in Red Hood and the Outsiders.

Overall I can see a lot of potential in this series and it’s in the top five of the 52 comics out this month from DC.

I’ve also added all the shots if Starfire which have made this comic one of the big topics of conversation this week on comic forums.

Posted by Adi Mursec on September 27, 2011


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