Batman #1 DCnU

Easily the most defining comic icon of ours and several other generations. Batman goes back to issue 1 in the DC comics reboot. But where does the new series stand with all those character defining moments from his previous creators.

Out of all the DC characters Batman has probably appeared in more of the DC 52 than any other character even Superman. One of the fears many fans had about the reboot was what would happen to Batman’s mythology. All those stories written by some of the comic great such as Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke and Frank Miller’s Year One.

From the first issue it looks like Batman is well into his crime fighting career. The comic starts off with an epic fight in Arkham Asylum with all the greats from Scarecrow to Killer Crock.

For most of the rest of the comic he spends more time as his alter ego Bruce Wayne. We see Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and the current Robin Damian Wayne. Although many fans are disappointed there wasn’t a complete reboot for some of the comics I think most will be very relieved that they kept a lot of the back story intact.

The artwork is the issue is the typical modern day Batman by Greg Capullo. I’m slightly surprised Jim Lee didn’t grab this issue for himself but if he touches Batman without finishing off Frank Millers All Star Batman and Robin there will be a few disappointed fans.

One of the major stars of the DC New 52 is Scott Snyder. His Swamp Thing was totally epic and has defiantly not disappointed this Dark Knight fan.

Posted by Adi Mursec on September 26, 2011


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