Arrow Season 4 – who’s in the grave

The mystery grave has played a bit part in Arrow season 4. With it having such a big focus in this series it means its either a main character or will at least have a big impact on the story leading into season 5.


From the start of the season they have tried to make us think it was Felicity, the engagement and the shooting pointed at that. But it would have been too obvious and second she has too much of a fan following much like the Canary. You can’t get rid of a cast member like that without it causing a drop off in viewers. She is also seen with Oliver after he visits the grave so we know its not her.

John Diggle:

Diggle is has been there from the start and from rumours last year he almost joined the Green Lantern Corp. The writers later confirmed he wouldn’t be getting a Lantern ring but there was a big story for him coming up. With his brother in H.I.V.E and being a prisoner we know there is a lot more story for Diggle in this season. How it will end we don’t know but personally he wouldn’t be an option for the grave. He will be in the show until the end.

Thea Queen:

Possible but very unlikely, she has pretty much died already in the show so doing that again wouldn’t have much impact. She also has a big fan base for the show and cutting her from the credits would again lose a few viewers. Also if she died you might expect her to be buried next to her parents graves. These aren’t shown in the scene.

Laurel Lance:

Although a lot of fans of the show would love this to be the number one option so we can get the original Canary back it probably wont happen. We’ve only just recently started to get introduced to the Black Canary and although they haven’t given her much focus in this season she can bring a lot to the show in the future. The Black Canary was very important to the Green Arrow in the comics and Laurel will probably be just as important in upcoming seasons of Arrow.

Quentin Lance:

From the first episode detective Lance was my first guess. He isn’t too important to the story any more. Especially now they have Laurel back on the police force. He has also stepped foot on the dark side by helping Damian Darhk. I’m not 100% sure it’s him but writing him out of the show is an option right now. He doesn’t have a lot to contribute to the future of Arrow and maybe it’s his time to be written out.

Roy Harper – aka Red Arrow

He’s not featured much in this season but will likely be back. He’s a great character as they can use him in Flash or Legends of Tomorrow. Although it would be east to put him in the grave they show wouldn’t have anything to gain from it. He’s been a great character and I think the writers have big things planned for him in future seasons.

Felicity’s mum

Although Donna Smoak hasn’t been in a lot of episodes she has fast become an important character in the show. Killing her off would be a big loss to the characters but wouldn’t affect the show dynamics too much. The only question behind this would be why Damian Darhk would want to kill Felicity’s mum? In season 4 she does seem to have started seeing Quentin Lance who has also been working with Darhk. It might be the case that Damian kills her off to punish Lance for helping out Green Arrow. At the moment she is one of the most likely options. One thing that also points to this is that Charlotte Ross who plays Dona Smoak in the show has started working on her social media profile a lot more in the last few months. Possibly to make the most out of her time in the Arrow spot light if this is her last season on the show.

Samantha Clayton:

The mother of Green Arrows son. She has been in a few episodes of Arrow and Flash over more than one season, just enough for us to know who she is but not enough for us to grow attached to her. She is reluctant to let Oliver get to know her son and to be honest writing her our of the show would be the biggest bet for me. If she died in the show her son would likely end up with Oliver and add a huge curve ball to the show. Imagine season 5 of Arrow with Oliver looking after his son during the day as mayor of the city and fighting crime at night. Also when we have seen Oliver visit the grave he is emotional whereas Barry and Felicity just looked to be there to support him. That points us to the person in the grave just being someone Oliver knows. Damian Darhk also talks about not wanting to hurt people but just those around them. Oliver at the grave also talks about responsibility, possibly pointing to his new role as a dad.

Whoever it is in the grave I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter. The show writers love killing people off just to bring them back in a few episodes. So far we have seen a few people seem to die including Malcolm, Oliver, Sara, Thea. Each of them have come back and now they have introduced the Lazarus pit and multiple Earths anything is possible.

Posted by Adi Mursec on January 21, 2016


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