Power Rangers movie

The movie that should have been made twenty years ago is finally in production. Saban the company who brought us the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers is teaming up with Lionsgate the company who brought us the Hunger games and Expendables to make a big budget Power Rangers movie.

The movie will fall in line with other popular come backs like Star Wars and Transformers. They are franchises which were popular then and now those fans have grown up and have their own kids it doubles the target audience. It also means those old school Godzilla style special effects and will be replaced with top of the range CGI.

At the moment not much is know about how the movie will be made. If they will go back to the classic Thunder Megazord or have a whole new team of zords and new look Power Rangers.

Jason David Frank the original Green Ranger who has played numerous rangers over the last two decades has said he wants to be considered for the new movie and I think about a billon fans will be backing him.

Posted by Adi Mursec on May 7, 2014

More Power Rangers movie News

Who could play a female Green Ranger?

With a second Power Rangers movie in the works which will feature a Green Ranger we wonder who could play the sixth ranger if they cast another female superhero.

Power Rangers Trailer shows of the Megazord

The trailer Rangers fans have been waiting 20 years for is finally here along with a good look at the new Zords.

Power Rangers movie features the Putty Patrol

The latest Power Rangers toy has leaked and it confirms the movie will feature the mindless Putty Patrol, they don’t have the giant off buttons the old ones did but it shows we still have a lot more to see before the movie gets released.

2017 Power Rangers movie trailer

Thanks to NYCC we have the first footage from the 2017 Power Rangers movie from Lions Gate which looks amazing and shows us reboots can work.

First look at the new Power Rangers Zords

Thanks to the official Power Rangers movie Instagram account we have the first look at the new Zords.

Power Ranger 2017 costumes

The first look at the heavily CGI Power Rangers costumes from the 2017 reboot of the legendary 90s TV show

First picture of Rita Repulsa from the Power Rangers reboot

The first picture of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa has excited some Power Ranger fans and offended others.

First Power Rangers 2017 cast photo

The first team photo of the new Power Rangers from the Lionsgate reboot coming 2017. From first looks it’s going to be an exciting reboot and thankfully Michael Bay can’t ruin this one.

Becky Gomez training to be the Yellow Ranger videos

Videos of Becky Gomez training to be the Yellow Ranger in the upcoming Power Rangers movie.

Main villain for Power Rangers movie confirmed

The Power Rangers is a little over a year away and they have finally confirmed who the main villain will be. Fans of the old series will be happy to know the alien witch returns to take over the world

Will the original Power Rangers designer Tsuyoshi Nonaka be returning

News on if the original Megazord designer Tsuyoshi Nonaka will be returning to work on the movie or if Lionsgate have a new art direction in mind.

Becky Gomez cast as the Yellow Power Ranger

Pop-rap sensation Becky Gomez has been cast as the new Yellow Ranger in the 2017 Power Rangers movie by Lionsgate

Blue Ranger cast for new Power Rangers Movie

Four out of five of the Power Rangers have been cast for the 2017 movie. Meet RJ Cyler the new Blue Power Ranger

Ludi Lin joins Power Rangers cast as the Black Power Ranger

The Black Power Ranger joins the team for the upcoming 2017 reboot as Ludi Lin is cast.

Red Power Ranger cast for 2017 movie

The 2017 Power Rangers movie has it’s leader as Dacre Montgomery is cast as the Red Ranger.

Naomi Scott is the new Pink Ranger

In a surprise update to the upcoming 2017 Power Rangers movie we have confirmation on who will play the new Pink Power Ranger

Adi Shankar’s Power/Rangers

Watch the amazing Power Rangers fan movie which could have been. Produced by Adi Shinkar starring James Van Der Beek.

Jason David Frank wants to fight CM Punk

Help Jason David Frank setup a UFC fight with former WWE champion CM Punk

Amy Jo Johnson crowd funds her own movie

Amy Jo Johnson reaches her target to crowd fund her first feature film and dresses up as Wonder Woman and the Pink Power Ranger while doing it.

Power Rangers movie release date

Lionsgate have released an official release date for the Power Rangers reboot. It will releaunch the Power Rangers for a whole new audience and finally give us the movie we should have had years ago.


Eternals movie news

The Eternals is part of Marvel Studios Phase Four of their plan for world domination. It’s based on a team of immortal celestial beings who are hidden from the modern world but defend it from the evil Deviants. The first movie was released in November 2021 with no sequel yet confirmed.

Blue Beetle Movie

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