Amy Jo Johnson crowd funds her own movie

The original pink Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson has successfully crowd funded her first feature film titled the Space Between.

Amy Jo Johnson was the childhood crush of just about every male in their early thirties and she has made a lot of fans happy by dressing up in the suit once again to busk and raise money for her upcoming movie. Although it wasn’t a movie quality suit she still looks amazing in pink and when you add Batman into the scene it really adds some danger to it all.

The whole event started when the first blue ranger David Yost challenged her to sing in the pink ranger suit to celebrate reaching the half way point on the indiegogo project. Even Jason David Frank the Green Ranger had a few words to say about the stunt.

Fan’s haven’t seen a lot from the original Power Rangers for almost twenty years and for such an iconic show it’s been great to see so many of the original cast making the most of their first big role and being prowd to be among the first team of rangers.

Looking through Amy’s youTube channel for the video she has document the whole process of crowd funding the project and one even features the search for a pink Power Ranger costume where she struggles to find one and even tried on a Wonder Woman costume.

amy jo johnson wonder woman

Well done to Amy Jo Johnson for funding her movie and lets hope it gets an international release. If it’s half as good as the videos of her while making it she might get her first Oscar.

Posted by Adi Mursec on November 8, 2014


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