Ben McKenzie cast as Jim Gordon

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The main role in FOXs Batman inspired series Gotham has been cast as Ben McKenzie signs up to play Jim Gordon.

McKenzie is no stranger to Gotham City as he was the voice of Bruce Wayne / Batman in the 2011 animated movie Batman : Year One.

The Jim Gordon in Gotham will be a whole new view of the character compared to any we have seen on TV or in movies before. This is Jim early in his career before Batman even shows up. It’s even likley that either the pilot episode or the last episode of the first series will cover the death of Bruce Waynes parents and Gordon investigating the murder.

The series is also set to tell the origins of several of Gothams mightiest villains including the Riddler and the Penguine thoughout the first series. The next big question is who will play the young Catwoman.

As far as air dates go for the series we are likley looking at an early 2015 release but at the moment a late 2014 air date isn’t out of the question.

Posted by Adi Mursec on February 9, 2014

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