Marvel’s Agent Carter

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ABC tested the water with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and it came out to be a good success in the end. They are coming back with not only a second season of SHIELD but with a whole new series based on Agent Carter the 1940s agent who founded SHIELD.

Marvel have invested a lot in the Captain America franchise due to it being one of the hardest Avengers to sell. The second movie was a massive success and turned the Marvel movieverse upside down by taking down SHIELD and uncovering the Hydra forces at its roots.

The Agent Carter series will follow Peggy Carter played by Hayley Atwell and will fill in the gaps between Captain America : The First Avengers and The Winter Soldier. In the space of those two movies the SHIELD agency was both founded, corrupted and dispanded. How and why will be down to the series.

The series has been in the works since the first Captain America movie but had to be put on hold until the time was right. Now SHIELD can run independantly from the movies it will make it a lot easier for producers to go their own way without having to take too much accountability.

It could be a really cool series with the team trying to recreate the Super Soldier serum and Hawrd Stark (Dominic Cooper) coming up with new technology.

We will also see the return of the Howling Commandos or atleast the one who married Peggy Carter which is likley to be Timothy “Dum Dum” Dugan played by Neal McDonough.

Posted by Adi Mursec on May 10, 2014

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