Every good comic or movie has a good toy line to back up the franchise.

Great Mazinger vs General of Darkness statue from E2046

A build guide and review of the E2046 Great Mazinger vs General of Darkness resin kit

Bandai returning to Go-Bots toys

Bandai are releasing some new Transforming Soul of Chogokin toys based on the Gobots

Power Rangers Legacy Megazord Review

A review of the Legacy Power Rangers Megazord from Bandai. Combing all five of the dino zords into one mechanical fighting beast.

Power Rangers Legacy Dragonzord review

A review of the Power Rangers Legacy Dragonzord from Bandai. An awesome black and green robot Godzilla fighting machine.

Perfect Grade Unicorn Gundam Review

A review of the 2014 Perfect Grade Unicorn Gundam. A toy rumored for years and finally released as a true masterpiece robot.

Perfect Grade RX-01 Unicorn

Bandai are finally releasing the Gundam that every mecha fan has wanted for the last seven years or so. We’re finally getting a Perfect Grade RX-01 Unicron model. So far we have had the model in a Master Grade version which is about 7-8 inches tall and that’s been the most popular kit for years […]

Tamashii Nations Mazinger Z Review

A review of the Tamashii Nations Mazinger Z figure. One of the coolest Super Robots you can fit in your pocket.

Making of a Walking Dead Daryl toy

Todd McFarline have released some amazingly detailed toys over the last few years and have just shown a few pictures of how they do it with the upcoming Walking Dead Daryl and Bike figure.

Mega Drive Megatron

This could be the best thing in the world to a Transformers fan who loves retro gaming. It’s Mega Drive Megatron

Figuarts Birusu from Dragon Ball Z

With Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods coming out soon here’s a look at what the figures might look like with a custom Figuarts Birusu aka Bils.

Arkham Asylum Titan Joker Toy Review

This could be the biggest DC comics toy I’ve ever seen. Titan Joker based on the end boss in Arkham Asylum has a huge amount of detail along with a few issues.

Iron Man 3 Lego points to new scenes

Thanks to some leaked Iron Man 3 Lego we have insight into some new scenes and a look at just how cool the Iron Man 3 toys will be.

Iron Man 3 Assemblers

The first Iron Man 3 toys have been released way before the movie in the form of customisable 3 inch figures of Iron Man and Iron Patriot.

S.H Figuarts Iron Man coming soon

The artists at Tamashii are launching a new Heroic Action toy line starting with Iron Man. It’s going to be the start off a high detailed toy line based on the Marvel Movieverse.

Tamashii Nations Mickey Mouse Megazord prototype

Tamashii Nations have released pictures of a prototype Megazord based a robotic Mickey Mouse and five of his iconic Disney friends.

Masterpiece Sideswipe video with Soundwave and Red Alert

The Takara Tomy YouTube channel has just released the first decent look at Masterpiece Sideswipe along with the long awaited Soundwave and Red Alert Transformers.

Tamashii Figuarts SDCC Dragon Ball Z Display

Probably the biggest suprise of SDCC this year is the Tamashii Nations Figuarts display. Not only have we got more Cell pictures but a whole new series of figures.

S.H.Figuarts Cell Toy Pictures

Tamashii Nations has released imaged of the up coming Cell action figure which is up in some places as a pre order. The SHF Cell is the perfect edition and its reflected in the toys seamless joints and manga accuracy.

S.H.Figuarts Trunks review

A review of the recently released S.H.Figuarts Trunks which is the latest in the Dragon Ball Z toy line. It’s the most articulated Trunks toy made and a total masterpiece.

Transformers Masterpiece 12 Sideswipe

Takara have released the first image of Masterpiece 12 which is going to be a G1 Sideswipe aka Lambor. So far it’s just concept art but at least it’s not another Starscream repaint.

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