Every good comic or movie has a good toy line to back up the franchise.

S.H.Figuarts Super Saiyan Vegeta Review

This is the most accurate and articulated toy since Masterpiece Optimus Prime, SH Vegeta is in the 4-5 inch scale but has 36 points of articulation and looks just as he did in the Manga and Anime series

Arkham Asylum Zombie Venom Joker Toy

Next up in the Arkham Asylum toy line is the Nightmare zombie Joker. Not officially released yet so here are a few close up pictures of the prototype.

Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn Toy Review

With a great game normally comes a great toy line. Arkham Asylum being the greatest game ever has a pretty kick-ass set of toys. Here’s a closer look at the Iconic Harley Quinn the naughty nurse clown.

Arkham Asylum Armored Batman Review

The long unanswered question. What could be cooler than Batman. Well Armored Batman might by the answer. From DC Directs Arkham Asylum Series 2 toy line.

Arkham Asylum Series 2 Poison Ivy Review

Back onto Poison Ivy from the Arkham City toy line. Series two has brought us some amazing looking figures but do they cut it out of the box?

Arkham Asylum Series 2 Bane Review

The long awaited Arkham Asylum series 2 has hit and there is a set in my living room. First out of the box is Bane the venom powered super villain who once broke Batmans back.

YouTube Channel for Transformers KRE-O

If you thought Masterpiece Optimus Prime was the ultimate Transformers you you were so wrong. Hasbro have launched the Viral on Youtube and its freaking amazing.

Transformers meets Gundam in DOTM kits

Toy Superstars Takara have released prototype images of what could be the best toys in the world ever. When Transformers the movie meets Gundam.

Hack/Slash Toys in the works from Shocker Toys

Image Comics Hack/Slash series is going to be included in Shocker Toys Indie Spotlight line-up.

Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime and Sentinel Prime

If last week’s Transformers 3 movie trailer wasn’t good enough here are a few pictures from Hasbro at toy fair.

Green Lantern G’hu and Rot Lop toys

More Green Lantern toys have been leaked onto the net for alien Lanterns in the form of G’hu and Rot Lop

First official Green Lantern Figures

The first official picture of the Green Lantern figure and release date.

The Tick Figures from Shocker Toys

Shocker Toys is about to ship a very limited series of The Tick Figures as part of the Indie Spotlight line-up.

New pictures of MP Hotrod / Rodimus Prime

New pictures of the painted prototype Rodimus Prime show his new Hotrod alt mode. It’s the first Masterpiece Tripplle changer.

Masterpiece Rodimus Prime from Takara

The first good pictures of Takara’s Masterpiece Rodimus Prime. It’s not another repaint but does look like its on the smaller MP scale.

Indie Spotlight 3 close up

With Indie Spotlight series 2 not far off now Shocker Toys showed off the new prototypes of IS3 at Toy Fair this year. Here are some close up pictures of the figures.

Indie Spotlight series 3

Indie spotlight series one was an awesome breath of fresh air for comic book toys. With series two in production the prototypes for series three have surfaced.

Toys behind Iron Man 2

With Iron Man 2 not too far from being released the toy line has started to surface.

Leader Class Bumblebee

The picture that has taken Transformers forums by storm is of the soon to be released Movie Leader Bumblebee. The figure has made the bar a little higher for toy designers.

Indie spotlight series 2

Indie Spotlight Wave 2 – The Tick Series
Finally pictures of the finished product. Following in the awesome foot steps of IS1 the second series of Indie Spotlight is nearly here. Dick Tracy,Dick Tracy variant,Ignacia,Jack Staff,King Zombie,King Zombie variant,The Tick,Arthur (mail away figure)

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