Perfect Grade RX-01 Unicorn

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Bandai are finally releasing the Gundam that every mecha fan has wanted for the last seven years or so. We’re finally getting a Perfect Grade RX-01 Unicron model.

So far we have had the model in a Master Grade version which is about 7-8 inches tall and that’s been the most popular kit for years and had several re-releases to help make use of the complicated kit. The Perfect Grade version will be about 16-18 inches tall and come with lights and could be the most intricate toy ever designed.

The news of the Perfect Grade RX-01 Unicron has also come with little warning. It’s been rumored for years but Bandai only released official news last week at a Japanese hobby show and the kit will be on sale in December 2014 in Japan.

At the moment the price looks reasonable but it’s likeley to sell out fast which will increase the demand and price of the first run. Also with the MG release we had several versions and it’s possible they will release upgrade kits and different color versions of the PG kit too over the next few years.

Posted by Adi Mursec on September 27, 2014

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