Every good comic or movie has a good toy line to back up the franchise.

The Maxx toy from Shocker Toys

Now all indie comics can have the chance to get a toy incarnation made thanks to Shocker Toys. The Maxx toy from the first series is an amazing figure and will sit well on a shelf with any 6″ toy line. Here we have a quick run down of the toy which was release last year and may not be re-released for a while.

Mallows from Shocker Toys

Shocker Toys has had huge success recently with the launch of the new Indie Spotlight figures and they seem to be going from strength to strength with the new Mallow line which has already got hobbyist toy designers and customizes wanting to get there hands on the new vinyl figure.

Transformers Toys

Transformers toys have been arround longer then the cartoons and movies, they have been produced by many companies from arround the world from Takara, Hasbro, Diaclone and an endless list of bootleggers arround the world.

Zombie King

Shocker Toys has the first pictures the recently finished Zombie King figure from Indie Spotlight series 2. Zombie King was one of the Zombies from Image comics Dead world series and is here in high detail.

Dr Rockso

Latest release by Shocker Toys is the Dr. Rockso from Metalocalypse this will be a limited editon Mallow designer figure. This figure will be a San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive limited to only 250pcs and will be available online an at the show.

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