Lucifer pilot review

Lucifer pilot review

"The devil opening a club in LA and taking a vacation, what's not to love"

5/5 Reviewed by Adi Mursec

The new Lucifer TV show based on the spin a spin off comic by Neil Gaiman has been commissioned into a TV show by Fox and will air through 2016.

The basic story of the show follows Lucifer aka the devil. He’s bored of running hell and decided to take a vacation on Earth. That’s where the comics and TV show match up but the show takes a slightly different take on the comic. I think fans of the comic will still love this show, it doesn’t follow the comics word for word but its a lot closer than most shows. Arrow has done very well and only has a slight resemblance to the comics.

I think fans of the old Angel TV show which was a spin off of Buffy will love this show. It’s very similar in it’s atmosphere. Someone who was made to do evil suddenly feels compelled to do good. Also solve crimes in LA and helps the LAPD’s female detective.

Lucifer is played by Tom Ellis who is a Welsh actor and brings back a lot of the love I had the Constantine show which starred another Welsh actor Matt Ryan. Both shows are based on supernatural comics and are aimed at a more mature audience.

From the first episode we get a great introduction to who Lucifer is. There aren’t any red horns, any fire pits or even a trident. Humans have had a big impact on him and shown we aren’t all bad. He has ties to Earth which show through in the first episode, he even helps people achieve their goals. All he wants in return is a break from hell and run his night club.

It’s really hard to tell how popular a show will be from the pilot. Arrow didn’t start off with all the views it does now. Constantine also had an amazing pilot but didn’t make it into the second season.

I think one thing this show needs is just to find its audience. If it was a Netflix show it wouldn’t be a problem as it would be in front of the world within a day and be available 24 hours to watch at any time. Unfortunately most comic book shows released outside Netflix get pirated and don’t contribute to the show’s costs. I really hope this show gets a good air time, on a good day and doesn’t have to compete with too much at the start.

Launching in January / February it will have a lot to compete with from, Flash, Arrow, iZombie, Legends of Tomorrow and a few other shows. I think if Lucifer started early while the other big comic shows were  on a break it would have gotten off to a great start.

Overall we can’t judge too much off the pilot but if I was going to predict the rest of the season I’d say it was going to be excellent. It’s got a great cast, an interesting story and is overall really well made. I hope it gets a second and more seasons but only time will tell as it depends on how much Fox wants to invest in the show. It’s going to be a competitive year for any live action comic book adaptation from TV and movies.


Posted by Adi Mursec on January 19, 2016

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