Three new villains join Supergirl TV show

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A Supergirl TV show is something fans have wanted since Smallville ended but it looks like the new show was well worth the wait. They did an amazing job of casting Melisa Benoist as Supergirl and in the new look costume she looks amazing and it looks like it could be one show that shows the comics how it’s done.
From watching the Supergirl pilot episode we know the main source of super villains will come from a crashed alien space prison called Fort Rozz. It’s got a lot of mystery as a Kryptonian prison as there could be any number of super powered baddies on board. Thanks to recent casting updates we know two of Supergirls first foes.

Brit Morgal as LivewireThe first new casting is Brit Morgan who played Debbie Pelt in True Blood. She will be playing Livewire who gave Superman a good run for his money in the comics. From what I can remember he wasn’t an alien so this could be a sign that Fort Roz wont be the only source of foes or it could be that the writers are reimagining some of the villains origins. I’m really looking forward to Brit Mogran joining the show and hope she is a long running character in the show.

Justice Leak to play HellgrammiteJustice Leak from Walking Dead and Powers has signed up to play another of Supermans enemies as giant super bug Hellgrammite. I’m excited to see their approach for this one as Hellgrammite is basically a giant bug and with the CGI they are using in the show it could be a really good episode. On the other hand they might decide to reinvent this alien for the show and make him more humanoid but from watching the pilot the people being this show won’t be taking any shortcuts.

Chris Browning Ben KrullChris Browning from Sons of Anarchy, Agent Carter and Terminator Salvation is one of the more well known actors signed up to play a villain in the show and has been cast as Ben Krull aka Reaction. He’s one of the lesser known DC villains but has had run ins with Supergirl in the comics and could be a lot of fun as a kind of radioactive evil Iron Man.

Considering these three will probably just take up three episodes it already looks like a winning series which they have put a lot of thought into. I’m glad they are going for some of Superman scale enemies and not just put Supergirl up against some generic witches or an evil aunt.

Posted by Adi Mursec on August 22, 2015

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