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When Netflix started making it’s Daredevil series they¬†started on a road there as no turning back from. They managed to deliver a series which was higher quality than the movie and have even bigger plans to bring bigger, better and more ambitious programs.

Netflix is now working on an original animated series based on Voltron : Defender of the Universe which was an amazing cartoon from the 80s about five young people who pilot lion super robots.

It’s a pretty awesome concept which left a long standing impression on fans of the show and helped influence a lot of other shows all over the world.

We don’t know much about the new show other than it’s being made with Nerdist Industries which is a¬†subsidiary of Legendary Pictures which might be why this show is called Voltron : Legendary Defender.

Shows like this haven’t had great success in the past with cartoons like He-Man and Thunder Cats each getting cancelled, Thunder Cats didn’t even make it to a second seasons even though it was a huge success with fans. The problem they had was being unacceptable by a lot of fans. Thanks to Netflix shows like this can have a world wide release on the same day and be available 24/7 which is why they have more success launching shows aimed at a more niche audience.

Airing a show on Netflix means there is less piracy and overall more money goes back to the production companies. If Voltron takes off it could open the doors for a lot more 80s cartoons being reenvisioned and rebooted in modern animation.

Posted by Adi Mursec on February 9, 2016

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