First official Green Lantern Figures

Green Lantern could very well be the biggest movie of 2011 and if we an learn anything from Transformers it’s that Toys sell the movie as much as the movie sells the toys.

The first official picture of the Green Lantern toy has surfaced on The listing gives us the first shots of th Hal Jordan figure along with the collectible packaging.

The figures will be made by Mattel the brains behind the classic He-Man line and we get a release date of 25th February 2011 for the figures which is way before the 17th June Green Lantern Movie release date.

Posted by Adi Mursec on January 1, 2011


Play Arts Kai Tifa and Aerith dress versions announced

Square Enix are making fans of the Final Fantasy Remake game super happy with the announcement of new Play Arts Kai Tifa and Aerith figures, this time with their dress versions.

How to spot a fake Play Arts Kai Tifa

A comparison of the Ko an official Play Arts Kai Tifa figure from Final Fantasy VII Remake, it’s scary how much detail the bootleggers have triedd to copy.

Play arts Kai Remake Tifa Review

A review of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa Figure which is part of the Play Arts Kai line from Square.

Mazinger Z Infinity statue of Mazin Emperor G

A review of the Mazin Emperor G model from, it’s based on the character from Mazinger Z Infinity and one epic build.

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