New pictures of MP Hotrod / Rodimus Prime

A whole new set of pictures from Chara Hobby show thanks to show the final painted version of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime. The pictures also confirm suspicion it would be the first MP Tripple Changer Transformer as it has two Alt modes.

A few weeks ago the first pictures of the Rodimus Prime prototype which showed the basic figure but now we have shots of all the little detail.

Extra features include the cartoon movie Hotrod goggles, transforming trailer, chrome pipes and a whole lot of awesomeness. MP Grimlock has only just made it to a Hasbro release and still yet to be released, Hotrod was a much less popular character than Grimlock and is more than likely to be just a Takara exclusive.

Posted by Adi Mursec on August 29, 2010


Play Arts Kai Tifa and Aerith dress versions announced

Square Enix are making fans of the Final Fantasy Remake game super happy with the announcement of new Play Arts Kai Tifa and Aerith figures, this time with their dress versions.

How to spot a fake Play Arts Kai Tifa

A comparison of the Ko an official Play Arts Kai Tifa figure from Final Fantasy VII Remake, it’s scary how much detail the bootleggers have triedd to copy.

Play arts Kai Remake Tifa Review

A review of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa Figure which is part of the Play Arts Kai line from Square.

Mazinger Z Infinity statue of Mazin Emperor G

A review of the Mazin Emperor G model from, it’s based on the character from Mazinger Z Infinity and one epic build.

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