Mazinger Z Full Armament Version Resin kit review

Mazinger Z Full Armament Version Resin kit review

"An ideal first kit for any Mazinger fan wanting to build their own statue."

5/5 Reviewed by Adi Mursec

I’ve been a fan of Mazinger for many years, he’s just got such an iconic look about him. He’s the grandfather of all modern day super robots from Optimius Prime to Gundam and each one has been in someway inspired by Go Nagai’s creation. With the upcoming Mazinger Z Infinity movie coming out it’s sparked another interest in the franchise for me but there aren’t enough toys and the ones they do have are way too expensive.

Enter who have an amazing range of resin kits and one line which has got me collecting recently is the Mazinger Z line. So far I’ve built Great Mazinger and Mazinsaga statues which all seem to be on the same scale which makes collecting them all that more enjoyable. Building a few statues based on the same character makes it a lot cheaper too as they have roughly the same colours.

This time round I’ve made a decent attempt at the Mazinger Z Full Armament statue which shows the classic Mazinger incarnation but with all his weapons at your disposal from his flight pack to his Iron Cutters and Missile. It’s overall a very impressive model in person and wasn’t too tricky to put together.


He stands about 10 inches tall and considering it’s top heavy it still stands very firmly. One of the most impressive things about this kit is the wingspan, if you can get a nice smooth glossy red coat it will stand out very well and look amazing on any shelf.

When I ordered this one from it was on preorder, now they site works a very unique system which is designed to offer as many kits as possible to fans at the cheapest prices. The only down side is you may need to pre-order sometimes and if you do you might wait a day or you might wait 6-10 months, this is mainly due to the fact they need to take so many pre-orders before they can start production. Most of the kits on can’t be found anywhere else. If you do find them on a site like eBay they might cost a lot more. For example the Eva-Beast mode statue I ordered from them cost less than $100 but if I bought the same on on eBay it would cost maybe $6-700.


When it arrived it was in a well packed box with all the delicate bits packed extra safe. Along with the parts you get a color photo and some basic instructions which aren’t really needed but it’s nice they are included.

Unpacking the box will get you some beautiful resin pieces which just need minimal work to shape them and cut the casting ends off.

Above is a picture of the parts straight out of the box, although they aren’t super close up it didn’t have any air bubbles and the extra casting bits were easily removed. I think over the years have really perfected their casting technique.

Although the parts look almost perfect for painting at this point you need to make sure you give them a good clean to get any invisible release agent off the surface. I use warm soapy water and an old toothbrush. One thing I’ve found over building a few kits is that the worst bits to clean are the big flat surfaces. In this case it was the wings. I cleaned them but when i applied the first coat of airbrushed paint it didn’t stick. From there I sanded the paint off and re painted. I’d recommend sanding any big surfaces before painting. Even if they are smooth to paint you really need to remove any casting agent.

Once they are all cleaned I’d recommend a test fitting, you don’t need to glue it all together at this point, just make sure each piece fits together ok. Sometimes with kits you might find parts are warped and may need a little epoxy putty and sculpting to smooth them out.

Imperfections at this stage are hard to spot, they become a lot more noticeable when you paint. Try as hard as you can and maybe get someone else to help spot any fitting issues as they are easy to fix now. Coming back to sand and fill when you’re are painting stage can really mess up your model.

Assembly was easy enough and didn’t require much extra work. I didn’t pin the limbs together. I’v found it easier to drill out the connecting sections like the hips and shoulders so they are hollow for about 10-15mm then when you assemble it fill the holes with epoxy putty like Milliput or Green Stuff.  I find this technique a little easier than trying to line up holes and pin although it’s up to you.

The wings could probably do with pinning on this kit but some good glue will hold them in place too. They connect into the backpack pretty well.

I use an airbrush nowadays to paint resin kits as I find the finished product looks a lot more professional. It’s also a lot of fun especially when you paint a really smooth shiny robot.

It’s easy to airbrush too as most of the parts are solid colors with a little bit of gold or silver detailing. The only bits which required masking were the white bits and they were easy to mask off on this kit due to the shapes.

Once it’s mostly painted I’d recommend building from the bottom, so start with the base and attach the leg, torso and so on. This way you can add the detailing to each piece as it’s glued in making it easier to handle.

The finished product is a beautiful statue, I’d still count myself as a beginner when it comes to resin kits as I’ve only built a few but with kits like this there isn’t much that can go wrong.

To build this kit I used the following:

Take a look at the kit on the E2046 website.

Here’s a modded version which was an entry into their GK competition one year which inspired me to buy this kit.


Posted by Adi Mursec on November 2, 2017


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