e2046 GK Competition

Each year a company called E2046.com runs a garage kit competition that showcases custom model kits from around the world. It’s an amazing competition to follow even if you don’t intend to enter as the creative approach to some of the models is just unbelievable.

The competition is divided into three categories:

Figure – Any human character-based model kit

Robot – Any single none human kit

Diorama – These should ideally tell some sort of story or feature a scene from the series

Judging Criteria

Each year e2046.com receives entries from all over the world and the talent these competitions attract is really inspiring. These are kits that skilled model makers have put maybe a hundred plus hours into and the love and skill really show through.


Garage kits are something I’d recommend every model builder or toy lover to take a look at. They are a great art form that lets you be as creative as you like. You can build them, paint them or even modify them to make an even cooler model.

Take a look at some of last years entries for the Robots, Figures, and Diorama

If you would like to know more about how to make resin kits/garage kits take a look at some of our build projects below.

Posted by Adi Mursec on December 26, 2016


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