Shows and events to get together, have a drink and talk about who would win in a fight between Superman and Unicron, yes it’s those yearly events that pop up and let you meet the artists and writers
behind the comics

Auto Assembly Europe

Big news for Transformers fans too far for Botcon. Auto Assembly has joined with Nordcon to create the awesome Auto Assembly Europe.

Batman Live Trailer

It was the show nobody expected, the show nobody thought could work, the show everyone is looking forward to. View the first preview of Batman live.

Auto Assembly 2011

Auto Assembly 2011 is set to be the biggest Transformers convention in Europe ever. Over the last few years the guests have grown in number and awesomeness. This year will see the return of Gregg Berger the voice of Grimlock and Eeyore.

Thought Bubble 2011

Thought Bubble has grown year on year and this year will be a two day event due to last years jam packed show.

Batman Live

Batman is coming to a town near you. Batman live will be the first time The Dark Knight will be doing a live show.

Thought Bubble Leeds 2010 Guests

The complete line up of guests for this years Thought Bubble is huge, take a look at the line up so you don’t miss anyone out.

Thought Bubble 2010 Schedule

The full official line up for Thought Bubble 2010 has been announced and it’s so mind blowingly awesome. Last year was an amazing way to spend the Saturday but this year I can’t imagine how they will fit it all in.

Thought Bubble 2010

Thought Bubble 2010 is getting closer and it now has an amazing confirmed guest line up too.

Do zombies read comics

Do zombies read comics? I don’t know but you can find out from the experts from Thought Bubble, Charlie Adlard, Sean Phillips, Antony Johnston and Ben Templesmith.

Toy Fair 2010 run down

Toy fair 2010 is probably the best toy event/show of the year with all the biggest toy franchises being on display. Here are our best bits from this years show.

Thought Bubble 2009

Thought Bubble 2009 run down. It was one of the biggest comic conventions in the UK and there was something there for everyone. Comic retailers, publishers and even the cosplay made the one day event something worth visiting. But if you didn’t make it there we will put all the pictures and videos we find here.

Thought Bubble Trailer

Call it a convention or a festival either way it’s going to be awesome. This year’s Thought Bubble has released a 2009 trailer to let everyone know what’s going on.

Thought Bubble Count down 2009

The Thought Bubble show in November will surely be an amazing weekend for all the comic book fans that are able to make it to Leeds. Here we have a bit of an update on the show.

Auto Assembly Part 2

Auto Assembly coverage part 2, We had so many pictures we thought it would be best to split them up. If you have some you would like to share email them through to us. The second part of the coverage shows how the show moved on over the weekend.

Auto Assembly Part 1

Back from Auto Assembly this weekend, it was pretty awesome but take a look at the Friday of the Transformers Convention in Birmingham.

Next of Kin Transformers Theme

With Auto Assembly only two weeks away the convention now has it’s own official theme song. The song is written by a band called Next of Kin who will also be performing at the convention on the saturday night.

Auto Assembly 2009 Non-Attendee Package

Auto Assembly’s Simon Plumbe has new news about a pack being available for those of us who won’t
be able to attend Auto Assembly this year:
“AA 2009 is set to break all attendance records once again for a European Transformers convention and we are delighted to say that we are going to be joined by Transformers fans from not only all over the UK but from all over Europe and from as far afield as America, Singapore and Japan making Auto Assembly 2009 a truly global event.”

Auto Assembly

Auto Assembly 2009 will be the biggest Transformers convention to have taken place in the UK and Europe. It has attracted Transformer star guests such as Gregg Burger who voiced Grimlock in the G1 cartoon.
The convention will run over two days which will celebrate the 25 anniversary of the Transformers franchise.

Thought Bubble Festival

Thought Bubble will be a three day festival based in Leeds and will showcase all sorts of events to help promote the art of comics.

Transformers Awards – Transform me

Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy Transformers fan / Film maker / author of the Transformers 10-Year Retrospective and organizer of the Transformer Awards continues to delve into the popular Transformer toy line and the fan phenomenon with the documentary film “Transform Me!”

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