Thought Bubble Leeds 2010 Guests

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Last years Thought Bubble was a big surprise, I wasn’t prepared and missed out on meeting a lot of the writers and artists behind all the comics I’d been reading through out the year.

Not this year, I’ve been through all the confirmed guests and wow, there isn’t one I wouldn’t want to shake the hand of for making something awesome.

John Romita Jr

John’s career in comics goes far beyond just Kick-Ass, he is one of the biggest names at the festival this year and on my must meet list.

Dan Abnett – Black library, Ultramarines Movie

Dan Boultwood

Adam Brockbank – MeZolith

Maureen Burdock
F Word series

Ian Churchill – Supergirl, X-men, Marineman

Becky Cloonan – Pixu

Didier crisse

Boo Cook – Elephantmen, 2000ad

Paul Cornell
Captain Britain, Dr who, Soildier zero

I.N.J Culbard

Kevin Crossley Must see site – 2000ad

Darryl Cunningham


Rob Davis – Dr Who

Al Davison – The Astral gypsy

Andy Diggle -The Losers, 2000ad, Daredevil

Glyn Dillon – Nao of brown

Peter Doherty – Judge Dredd, Judge Death

Paul Duffield

Ian Edginton – Sherlock Holmes, 2000ad

Al Ewing – IZombie, 2000ad

Duncan Fegredo – Hell Boy

Robin Furth – Dark tower, Talisman

Leigh Gallagher – Defoe, 2000ad

Kieron Gillen – Phonogram, Thor

David Golding

Adi Granov – Iron Man, X-Men

Tony Harrus – Ex Machina, War heroes, Starman

Anthony Hope-Smith


Anthony Johnston – Dardevil, Deadspace, Wasteland

Nicolas Keramidas – Luuna, Tykko Des Sables

Barry Kitson – Spider-man, The order

Tony Lee – Doctor Who, The gloom, 2000ad, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Graham McNeill – Black Library

Jamie McKelvie – Suburban Glamour, Phonogram

Metaphrog – Louis – Night Salad

Dean Ormston Judge Fredd, Lucifer. Books of magic. donor

Sean Phillips– Criminal, Marvel Zombies, sleeper

Tim Pilcher – Erotic comics: a graphic history

Moore and Reppion – Sherlock Holmes, The Complete Dracula

Wayne Reynolds – Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder

Neil Roberts – Warhammer 40,000, Black Library

Richard Starkings – Hipflask, Elephantmen.

Fiona Stephenson

Bryan Talbot – Grandville

Lee Townsend – Spider-man, 2000ad

Rob Williams – Wolverine, Dark X-men

Emma Vieceli – Marvels girl comics, Manga Shakespeare

Posted by Adi Mursec on October 24, 2010

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