Toy Fair 2010 run down

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The biggest toy show of the year, here is the fun down of the events best bits from Star Wars giant AT-AT to the Iron man 2 toys and Shocker Toys plans to bring back the golden age of comics toys including the original Daredevil.

Hasbro – The new Star Wars AT-AT

Hasbro have released a few revamps of the vehicles over the last few years including a bigger X-wing and following that is the new AT-AT which apparently will retail at about $100.

Mattel – Masters of the Universe and DC two packs

Mattel have always been a favourite of mine, I grew up watching He-Man and they are still making some awesome toys. Unfortunately it looks like a lot of them will be online exclusives. Also the Keldor (Pre Skeletor guy) doesn’t come with the swappable heads which the original figure came with. It’s a shame because that would have really sold me on that figure.

Hasbro – War for Cybertron figures

Surprisingly Hasbro is launching a toy line based on a Transformers video game planned for release later this year. So far they have released pictures of a few characters including Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bumblebee. Personally I’m a bit Transformers fan but will skip this line mainly because its at least the third incarnation of what Prime looks like on Cybertron, why can’t they just settle for one.

Shocker Toys – Indie Spotlight and Golden age of comics

This is the best gallery I could for Shocker Toys 2010 plans. The gallery features classic characters such as the “Heap” and the original Daredevil. Indie spotlight series 2 should be released soon and features the Tick and Dick Tracy in the same toy line, wow. Full Shocker toys gallery.

Hasbro – Iron Man 2 toy line

Hasbro also showed off some of the new Iron Man 2 toy line, one thing worth noting is how many different types of armour they have made, it will make a pretty awesome movie even if they only managed to fit in a few of the variations.

Posted by Adi Mursec on February 19, 2010

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