Next of Kin Transformers Theme

Auto Assembly is round the corner they now have a convention theme tune tagged to the event. The track is called “Transform” and is written and performed by band called “Next of Kin” who will be performing the track on the Saturday night along with other tracks from the animated movie.

Even if you dont like the track itself the video is pretty awesome with some of the best scenes from the first movie spliced together.

Another awesome guest will be Hasbro, which will be a fairly rare thing to a UK convention, but as Auto Assembly is going to be the biggest Transformers convention in Europe this isn’t much of a suprise.

Posted by Adi Mursec on August 1, 2009


Auto Assembly 2011

Auto Assembly 2011 is set to be the biggest Transformers convention in Europe ever. Over the last few years the guests have grown in number and awesomeness. This year will see the return of Gregg Berger the voice of Grimlock and Eeyore.

Auto Assembly Part 1

Back from Auto Assembly this weekend, it was pretty awesome but take a look at the Friday of the Transformers Convention in Birmingham.

Auto Assembly Part 2

Auto Assembly coverage part 2, We had so many pictures we thought it would be best to split them up. If you have some you would like to share email them through to us. The second part of the coverage shows how the show moved on over the weekend.

Auto Assembly 2009 Non-Attendee Package

Auto Assembly’s Simon Plumbe has new news about a pack being available for those of us who won’t
be able to attend Auto Assembly this year:
“AA 2009 is set to break all attendance records once again for a European Transformers convention and we are delighted to say that we are going to be joined by Transformers fans from not only all over the UK but from all over Europe and from as far afield as America, Singapore and Japan making Auto Assembly 2009 a truly global event.”

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