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Being a huge Transformers fan this is pretty amazing news. The organisers who work behind Auto Assembly to arrange guests and exclusives have joined up with another convention in Nordcon which is based in Denmark.

Although the conventions are joining up we will still get Auto Assembly in Birmingham but also a second Auto Assembly Europe which will likely take place in Denmark.

It may seem like just a name change for Nordcon but the organisers are hoping to soon compete with the success of Botcon and get exclusives made with Hasbro and obviously the bigger the convention the more fun you will have.

For Transformers fans all over Europe this is pretty amazing news.We can finally mix that family holiday and a Transformers convention into one. Depending from where you travel from in the UK it might not even cost much more to fly to Denmark than get a train to Birmingham for the weekend.

Auto Assembly Europe may even contend with Botcon in a few years. I just hope after Michael Bay has finished Transformers Dark of the Moon that Hasbro will keep making movies to keep interest.

Official Auto Assembly
Auto Assembly Europe

Posted by Adi Mursec on May 22, 2011

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