Suicide Squad movie

In the all out war between Marvel and DC for who can make the best movies DC has had to up its game and is introducing a whole host of news DC comics properties to the movies.

The Suicide Squad have made very successful introductions in the Smallville and Arrow TV shows in the past and making a movie seems like an easy idea.

The team of mercenaries is made up of DC comics villains who have to team together for government missions or face termination.

The team has been arround since 1959 and have had a lot of team members of the years. The movie could star any DC villain from Harley Quinn to Poison Ivy.

It would be a tough movie to put together as a lot of the characters have long histories and back stories to cover those and make a good movie Warner Bros have a lot plan out.

Due to this movie having a shorter production time frame than most comic book movies this is rumored to have a big cast with some A list actors. It’s possible this project has been on the books for years but only just been confirmed.

Posted by Adi Mursec on October 19, 2014

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James Gunns Suicide Squad 2 is the first movie I’ve seen on a big screen in nearly two years. An amazing cast and beautiful action scenes, overall an unmissable comic book movie.

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New Suicide Squad Concept art shows the Joker as the main villain and Scarecrow cut from the final team

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WB are releasing Suicide Squad on Blue-rat, Digital HD and DVD along with an Extended cut which will come with those extra joker scenes which were cut

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Suicide Squad movie review

Written and directed by David Ayer the Suicide Squad are a team of super villains tasked to save the world. Starring MArgot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Will Smith as Deadshot.

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We see that same metallic alien demon from the end of BvS ultimate edition in the footage from Suicide Squad, could this film lead into the Justice League more than Batman Vs Superman did?

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The latest teaser trailer for Suicide Squad teases just enough without giving too much away. It could come out on top of the 2016 comic book movies.

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Hot new pictures of Margot Robbies Harley Quinn on set in Toronto shot during a rainy scene.

Close up pictures of Harley Quinn

Some on set pictures of Margot Robbie has Harley Quinn while shooting the Suicide Squad movie

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This is the first picture of Jared Leto’s Joker from the 2016 Suicide Squad movie. It’s a different approach to Heath Ledgers

Suicide Squad cast

The main cast for the upcoming 2016 Suicide Squad movie has been confirmed and brings Tom Hardy back to the DC movies

Suicide Squad cast Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

Rumours that DC and WB have found their Suicide Squad Harley Quinn have been going around and it looks like it could be Margot Robbie.


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