Suicide Squad comic con remix – best trailer yet

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Arguably it looks like 2016 has been the most competitive year for comic book movies that we’ve ever had. It’s like all the production companies have raised the bar from WB, to Fox and Marvel Studios.

Because of how competitive 2016 has been we’ve seen some really interesting results.

Batman Vs Superman: This one was easily the most anticipated comic book movie of the last twenty years and for me it didn’t disappoint but a lot of people didn’t like the pace of the story or understand the motives behind the characters, after all Batfleck is a very different Batman than the one Bale played.

Captain America – Civil War: This one had a lot of momentum after following a few massive Avengers movies, it set Iron Man vs Captain America and shattered the team dynamics it took Marvel Studios years to build up. It was something they needed as the team expanded but the Infinity War movies have a lot to live up to now. I’m not sure what the movie odds are for Captain America to top the 2016 comic book movies.

Deadpool: This one came out of nowhere, it was nearly shelved after being in development for years as Ryan Reynolds signed up to play Green Lantern. The odds were against it being made and being as big as it was but they managed to make it a massive hit scoring higher on Rotten Tomatoes that BvS.

The Suicide Squad is out next and it’s similar to Deadpool in a way that we haven’t seen a super hero movie like it. Putting together a team of villains / anti-heroes could be an interesting mix. The way it slots into the other Justice League movies is genius too as it puts together all the villains which can go on to connect all the superhero movies.

The latest trailer from the Suicide Squad movie which premiered at SDCC 2016 titled – “Suicide Squad – Official Comic-Con Soundtrack Remix [HD]” is probably my favourite trailer of the year. It’s got just enough teaser to make me need to see this movie but doesn’t give too much away.

I’m also looking forward to seeing who that alien / robot creature is in the subway. It looks like the robot we saw at the end of BvS with Lex Luthor.

Posted by Adi Mursec on July 26, 2016

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