Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass

Mark Millar is one of the most amazing writers comic book history and I think it’s great how he is recognised as that too. He has worked on some of the best Marvel comics story lines over the last few years such as Ultimate X-Men and also wrote one of the best Superman series this decade in The Red Son. The Red Son is easily one of my favourite comics and probably is to anyone who has read it.

Anyway back to Kick-Ass, at first I thought the movie was based on a comic but it looks like the comic is more of an adoption of the movie and comes to a finale with issue 8 on February 17th.

For some reason I am trying my best to stay away from the comic as I know this can’t be another “Wanted” comic incarnation. The Wanted movie was ok but if you read the comic first you were going to leave the cinema disappointed.

Luckily Kick-Ass is a creator owned property so hopefully it wont have all the legal crap movie franchises like Superman have holding them back.

The comic is based on pretty much a dream come true for any comic book fan. It has costumed vigilantism and a lot of violence from what I can gather. Also according to CBR the movie franchise could me a trilogy with the second entitled “Balls to the Wall”.

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Posted by Adi Mursec on January 28, 2010

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2013 has turned out some amazing comic book movies so far and Kick Ass 2 could be at the top. It’s loyal to the comics and has the most awesome female comic book hero taking lead.

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Marvel have always been a fan of post credits scene to tease fans with whats to come but few other comic book movies have dared to use them due to the commitment. Kick Ass 2 has just had its final edit and will now feature a post credits scene.

Kick Ass 2 Release Date

The Kick Ass 2 world wide release dates have been released and there is up to a month in between some countries, hitting Australia over a month before the USA audience.

Kick Ass 2 trailer looks awesome

The latest Kick Ass 2 trailer makes Mark Millar’s creator owned comic one of the coolest movie franchises out at the moment. It steps up from the last movie in a lot of ways and I can’t wait till August to see the full thing on the big screen.

Kick Ass 2 street brawl films in London this October

The studio working on Kick-Ass 2 are now looking got extras to take part in something that can only be called a super hero street brawl in London this October

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If Stan Lee can do it why can’t Mark Millar. He has just grabbed his first acting role with a cameo in Kick Ass 2 which starts filming in a few days.

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