Message from Mother Russia on why to join the Toxic Mega C*nts

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With Kick Ass 2 nearing release the studio have released a new viral on Mother Russias behalf. The movie is probably going to push the bar higher on what’s acceptable for a borderline kids movie.

The viral site redirects to a and shows the first clear video of Mother Russia from the movie. In the comics she was a very impmortant character which helped the main villain Red Mist evolve into the Mother F*cker. She was unlike any other sidekick he could have had as there is no line she wont cross for money and violence.

It’s suprsing the studio are releasing a viral site so close to the movie release date but it’s a great teaser for fans.

For those going to see the movie this week make sure you stay for the Post Credits Scene which was confirmed by MAr Millar Himself.

Posted by Adi Mursec on August 7, 2013

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