Kick Ass 2 street brawl films in London this October

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With the news Kick Ass 2 has started filming this week there has been an open call for extras for anyone in London this October to take part in one of the big street brawl scenes which takes part int he movie.

If you have read the comics you will already be familiar with the savage take no prisoners street fights in the series. It’s a kill or be killed part in the movie where the costumed super villains have a face off with a gang of masked vigilantes.

In a true comic book sequel there need to be escalation and we saw a hand full of costumed super heroes in in the first movie. In the second movie three to four years has passed and Kick Ass has encouraged dozens of other wannabe costumed heroes to start fighting for justice.

It’s also very plausible this will be where Mark Millar gets his cameo in the movie but it’s yet to be confirmed.

The news of extras being needed came from Jeff Wadlow who has worked on the screen play for the movie. To find out more email Daniel ( ) who is rounding up people for the street brawl.

Posted by Adi Mursec on September 8, 2012

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