Mark Millar gets cameo in Kick-Ass 2

If Stan Lee does it why can’t Mark Millar. The latest news from Kick-Ass 2 which starts filming in a few days is that Mark Millar will have a cameo part in the movie.

Millar has had most of his creator owned comics made into movies but has always missed out on the opertunity but Matthew Vaughn has convinced him to appear in Kick Ass 2 with the cast who include Jim Carrey and Aaron Johnson.

Words from Mark Millar

Kick-Ass 2 starts shooting in 2 days. Matthew just called and told me the cameo he wants for me and Johnny. I thought he was joking as I’ve avoided cameos in my films so far because I think it pulls you out of the movie. But we’ll be slightly disguised here. Should be fun!

When delays pushed the movie back after X-Men FC it was close to being canceled all together but eith the recent cast updated it could be one of those rare sequels that out classes the first movie.

Posted by Adi Mursec on September 5, 2012


Kick Ass 2 review

2013 has turned out some amazing comic book movies so far and Kick Ass 2 could be at the top. It’s loyal to the comics and has the most awesome female comic book hero taking lead.

Message from Mother Russia on why to join the Toxic Mega C*nts

Join the Toxic Mega C Words with Mother Russia in the latest viral for Kick Ass 2.

Kick Ass 2 to have a post-credit scene

Marvel have always been a fan of post credits scene to tease fans with whats to come but few other comic book movies have dared to use them due to the commitment. Kick Ass 2 has just had its final edit and will now feature a post credits scene.

Kick Ass 2 Release Date

The Kick Ass 2 world wide release dates have been released and there is up to a month in between some countries, hitting Australia over a month before the USA audience.

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