Latest News: black panther movie

Black Panther movie

Marvel have started work on a Black Panther movie franchise which will begin in 2017 and bring the first black super hero the big Marvel movieverse

Comic and movie news from Super Robot Mayhem

Comic and movie news from Super Robot Mayhem

Super Robot Mayhem: an on-line source of news for those who shop at comic book shops and look forward to
Hollywood remaking a cult classic then complain when they do it wrong.

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Recent News:

Dr Strange movie

dr strange movie

Another piece of the Marvel cinematic universe comes together as a Dr Strange movie goes into production.

The Flash movie

the flash movie

A movie based on The Flash is in the works to go between the Justice League movies. Although in the comics he is the fastest man alive we will need to wait a while for the movie.

Cyborg movie

cyborg movie

Ray Fisher will star in the first movie based on DC comics Cyborg which will follow the Justice League movie and is due out in 2020

Aquaman movie

aquaman movie 2018

Warner Bros has confirmed a stand alone Aquaman movie which will follow shortly after the Justice League movie.

Suicide Squad movie

harley quinn suicide squad

Warner Bros have confirmed a whole new movie franchise based on DC comics evil team the Suicide Squad. The movie is due for release in 2016 along with Batman Vs Superman.