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Recent News:

The Prometheus quadrilogy

premetheus quadrilogy

Ridley Scott has shared some promising news to fans about the future of the Aliens and Prometheus movies along with the title of the next movie.

Red Tornado joins Supergirl

Red Tornado from Supergirl

The Supergirl TV show gets another super villain or possible super hero as Red Tornado is cast in the show

The greatest Transformer toy ever made

Masterpiece Dinobot Combiner picture

An independent toy designer has made what could be the greatest transformer ever engineered. It’s a Masterpiece Diinobot Cobiner by GCreations and oh is it beautiful.

Preacher TV series

Preacher TV series

The upcoming AMC TV adaptation of Garth Ennis’s The Preacher has an air date and cast

Black Widow and Hawkeye face off in Civil War

Hawkeye vs Black Widow

A few clips from the leaked D23 Civil War trailer including one of Hawkeye fighting Black Widow. Who knows who will win but it’s going to be a tough fight for the closest of the Avengers.