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Justice League 1 Michael Turner Exclusive Cover

Latest News: Justice League #1 Michael Turner Exclusive Cover

Michael Turner graces the cover of Justice League with a beautiful previously unseen cover which will be used as an Aspen Store exclusive.

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Comics, Graphic novels and Merchandise shipping Wednesday 6th of July 2016

Justice League Rebirth 1 cover
Poison Ivy Maggie Geha

TV News: Gotham casts Maggie Geha as new Poison Ivy

In season 3 Poison Ivy goes through a transformation as Maggie Geha is cast as the plant powered seducer of Bruce Wayne

Comic News: Michael Turner Amazing Spider-man #15 limited edition cover

Aspen Comics are teaming up with Marvel to release an exclusive cover for Spider-man #15 based on a previously unseen Michael Turner exclusive.

Michael Turner Amazing Spider-man 15 cover

More News

Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition details

Batman vs Superman the Ultimate edition comes with an awesome 3 hour cut of the movie along with 2 hours of special features. This brings us closer to the release of the movie it was planned to be instead of what it was cut down to in the cinematic release.

Tom Welling Superman

Tom Welling not cast as Superman in Supergirl season 2

The latest casting news for Supergirl season 2 is that they have found a new actor to play Superman but it wont be Tom Welling this time.

Zelda Breath of the Wind Pre order

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild coming to the Wii U

Nintendo have released information on what could be their biggest game yet, The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild. It’s an open world RPG with monumental awesomeness.

Voltron Netflix

Netflix’s Voltron series 1 review

A review of the Netflix Original series which brings us a 2016 adaptation of the 80s hit Voltron. Where five robot Lions combine to make one super robot.

Deadhead Comics Edinburgh

Deadhead Comics – Edinburgh

Deadhead comics, a must visit shop for any comic fans, they have a great selection of back issues and rare graphic novels

Bumblebee from Transformers 5

Michael Bay shows off latest Bumblebee upgrade

Michael Bay shows off the new look custom Camaro which will be used for Bumblebee which is to be used in Transformers The Last Knight

Mark Hamil responds to Donald Trump tweet

Donald Trump lied about Jedi endorsement

Mark Hamill striked back on Twitter against a false endorsement for none other than the closest thing we have to a Sith lord Donald Trump

spiderman 4 cancelled mysterio

Sam Raimi’s Spider-man 4 would have featured Mysterio and The Vulture

Concept artist Jeffrey Henderson has released some previously unseen artwork for what would have been Sam Raimi’s Spider-man 4. It features both Mysterio and The Vulture

Michael Turner Batman Tebirth back

Aspen comics team up with DC for a series of Rebirth Variants

Aspen comics are teaming up with DC for a series of Rebirth Variants starting with a cover from Michael Turner for Batman Rebirth

DC universe rebirth vs dr manhatten before watchmen

DC Universe Rebirth – What have they done

Was DC Universe Rebirth really what DC comics needs to tidy up the continuity errors or has it just created more.

DC Comics universe rebirth 1

Is DC Universe Rebirth #1 the must read comic this year

DC Comics Universe Rebirth #1 could be the cheapest way to get Geoff Johns autograph as he has said he will refund each issue if you don’t like it and send it back.

x-men Apocalypse behind the scenes

X-Men: Apocalypse review

A review of X-men Apocalypse probably the best comic book movie of 2016. Bryan Singer has been making these movies so long he makes it look easy.

Katie Cassidy Black Canary

Arrow: was Laurel Lance killed off to make way for a movie Black Canary

With news of a new WB movie in the works based on the Birds of Prey it looks like Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary maybe the first main character in Arrow to not return.

Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD

What could we have seen if Agent Carter Hadn’t been cancelled

With the Peggy Carter Agent of SHIELD TV show being cancelled on ABC here are some of the character we never got to see from the WWII MArvel era

Rita and gthe 2017 Power Rangers

Power Ranger 2017 costumes

The first look at the heavily CGI Power Rangers costumes from the 2017 reboot of the legendary 90s TV show

Captain America Civil War spoilers

Top unanswered questions from Civil War

Spoiler warning, a run down of some questions we now have following Captain America Civil War. The Marvel Studios Universe just got a whole lot bigger

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