GOTG volume 3 has already beat The Flash

Guardians of the Galaxy and The Flash are tipped to be the biggest movies of the year and both mark the end of an era in one way or another.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will as far as we know be the last Guardians movie, some characters might turn up in other MCU movies but it’s unlikely at least for a while, it’s also likely the last movie James Gunn will make for Marvel as he’s moving over to rebuild the DC movie universe.

The Flash is going to be the end of an era for DC fans as it will apparently reset the DC movie timeline as we know it. It’s already said to be best DC movie so far but again the chances of a sequel are going to be slim, the initial lineup of DC movies has been announced with the likes of Superman and Green Lantern getting rebooter but no Flash sequel setup yet.

It’s hard to look ahead and see how much each of the movies will make but both movies had their latest trailers debut on the same day during Super Bowl.

After two days both trailers have excited fans massively but the difference in views is astounding.

The Flash: 4.8 million views

Guardians of the Galaxy 3: 9.6 million views

Personally I was a bit surprised by the numbers. I know the MCU has a bigger fan base and the Flash has been hit by a lot of negative press but if these numbers are anything to go off Guardians 3 could go on to make at least twice as much in the box office when both movies have been released.

Posted by Adi Mursec on February 15, 2023


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