The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Cosplay for sale

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Coming from someone who has a lot of respect for the cosplay art form but has never attended a convention in full costume. I really really wish I could buy this costume and never take it off. Forget about conventions I would wear this to work, going shopping and even go to the gym with this on if I owned it.

If you are a fan of cosplay or super robots you might have seen this costume shared on Facebook or on dozens of websites since it made its first appearence. Its a one of a kind custom build 7 foot tall award winning King of Braves GaoGaiGar cosplay.

I love the foam made Iron Man suits you see at every convention now but next to this show stopper I don’t think they would even compare.

The costume itself took over a year to build and was based on an up-scaled papercraft model and is made from a combination of PVC, Foamboard, and EVA foam. It has built in speakers for sound effects and music, light effects in the head and chest and built in fans to help keep you cool. It also has a giant 40lbs Goldion Hammer weapon! The signature weapon of this iconic anime!

This costume has won numerous awards including “Best in Show” at Florida Anime Experience and “Best Intermediate Craftsmanship” at Anime Expo 2013.

It was built by Ben Albery aka UbersCosplay who has made several super robot costumes since and I’m sure will really miss this one once it’s gone.

The asking price is $5000 + postage which may sound like a lot but thinking of the time and cost of making it I wouldn’t have been surprised if he asked for $20,000 and got it. I’ve seen mass produced 5 foot tall Gundams in shop windows and thought wow. Imagine seeing this in your local toy shop.

If you’re interested in buying this masterpiece get in touch with Ben on his Facebook page.

Posted by Adi Mursec on August 17, 2014

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