Spider-man and Iron Man Occupy Hong Kong

At the moment there are thousands of people involved in an occupy movement to protest against the Chinese government’s idea of pre selecting candidates to be the leader of Hong Kong in 2017. Those involved in the occupy movement want free choice on who can run for leader with no restrictions.

When protests begin to lose faith the Avengers stop by to give a helping hand as a man dressed asĀ  Spider-man and millionaire playboy philanthropist Paul Ho show their support for democracy.

The man dressed as Spider-man showed up at 9pm and walked up Nathan Road gathering fellow protesters along the way. He then climbed the barricade with an umbrella to pose for photos and speak out. He claimed to be from California and helped build moral during the protests.

The next morning Marvel movie super fan Paul Ho who is involved in a lot of cosplay events in Hong Kong turned up in his convertible BMW to show his support.

Paul Ho said:

Super Heroes support Justice & Truth

A third protester in a Captain America costume was also seen joining Occupy Hong Kong but was later taken away by police.

It’s amazing to see how far comics reach out around the world and have helped inspire ordinary people to do amazing things.

Posted by Adi Mursec on October 24, 2014


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