Princess Leia Slave costume reference

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It’s probably one of the most iconic costumes from the Star Wars movies and a very popular choice with a lot of cosplayers from around the world. In the Star Wars movies it started off Return of the Jedi and showed a new side to Leia, within a few scenes she went from a helpless prisoner of Jabba the Hutt to showing the strength to kill off the giant slug that had hunted Han Solo across the galaxy.

The Princess Leia Slave costume was auctioned off in the Hollywood Auction of 2015 and with the listing we get a close up look at the detail of the costume. For instance the arm bands aren’t just curvy metal shapes they actually appear to be snakes and parts of the costume look to have variants too.

With Return of the Jedi not being shot in modern hd a lot of the detail on the Star Wars costumes was lost but now we have up close photos we can see all the tiny bits of detail which made up the iconic costume.

Posted by Adi Mursec on December 30, 2015

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