Super Cosplay Mayhem. Our very own Cosplay section featuring some of the most hard core fans of games, comics and cartoons from around the world.

If you have Cosplay you would like to share then get in touch and it will more then likely get it’s own feature on the site.

Cosplay aka Costume Play has always been a big part of the whole scene for a lot of fans. From some of the Comic con legends such as Pikachu Girl and all those amazing Transformers costumes this is SRMs way of saying thank you!

We should have a few pretty awesome gallery’s coming soon including features on some of the bigger cosplay specific websites.

The Force Awakens: Rey Cosplay Tutorial

A guest article from Marla Massey the creator of the famous Sideboob Ray costume which took the internet by storm. Here’s a guide on how to make a movie accurate costume based on Ray from The Force Awakens

Princess Leia Slave costume reference

A reference for the Princess Leia Slave costume, with pictures never before seen until the 2015 Hollywood auction. Close up detail of the famous gold bikini

Spider-man and Iron Man Occupy Hong Kong

Spider-man and Iron Man show their support in the Hong Kong occupy protests.

Cosplay : Spider-Woman #1 cover by Milo Manara

This is is a great example of life often imitating art as Ivy Cosplay recreates the controversial Milo Manara Spider-Woman #1 Cover

The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Cosplay for sale

If you are interested in Cosplay you may have seen Ben Alberts 7 foot tall King of Braves GaoGaiGar cosplay which is now for sale.

Dragon for sale

The ultimate Dragonlance cosplay prop, yes it’s a Dragon For Sale. It’s a foot foot long hand made Dragon made by the fine people at Arty Fakes.

Real returning Baterang

This could be the best accessory for any Batman cosplay. It’s a fully working returning Baterang.

Cosplay Spotlight : Jessica Nigri

At the San Diego Comic Con 2009 Jessica Nigri started cosplaying and was an instant star in the world wide cosplay community. Since then she has inspired thousands of cosplayers around the world and made a full time living by doing it.

Replica Iron Man Helmet Review

Probably the most awesome collectable piece since the Stormtrooper suit, The Iron Man replica helmet is just one of those things a modern comic book fan needs. Here’s a review of one I picked up on ebay.

Transformers Cosplay from Hong Kong

Years on we finally find out how Michael Bay made his Transformers look so organic. They were guys in costumes explained thanks to some awesome cosplayers in Hong Kong.

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