Cosplay : Spider-Woman #1 cover by Milo Manara

When Marvel asked Milo Manara to do a cover for Spider-Woman #1 they couldn’t have known about the massive response it would get. Between the lovers and haters of this cover it’s fast become a big topic in comics.

With life often imitating art the cover has inspired a few Manara fans to try and replicate the look in the name of Cosplay this is one pretty successful attempt by Ivy Cosplay with body paint by JP Designs and MC Illusion Photography.

The variant cover that Milo Manara drew for Spider-Woman #1 is a 1:50 variant and due to all the hype around the imagery its turning into one of the most wanted comic covers by collectors out this year and will probably be one of the most hard to find variants.

Posted by Adi Mursec on October 5, 2014


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