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In 1994 Marvels first disfunctional super hero family made a movie debut as Roger Cormans Fantastic Four was made, it wasn’t released but it was made.

Over ten years later the Fantastic Four returned with avengence in the 2005 movie directed by Tim Story. This movie was innovative and brought many epic firsts to the movies including putting Jessica Alba in lycra and making a pretty cool costume for the Thing without the need of heavy CGI.

The FF will be back to cinemas in 2015 in rebooted franchise which will have a story master minded by Mark Millar who has written some epic comics for the team in the past some of which have also crossed over to the Avengers which may be why he is great for the job.

The 2005 movie did well at the box office but even with a bigger budget the sequel made less money and a third movie wasn’t picked up. Fox now need to make a new start of the movies before Disney take back the rights.

Although a cross over with the Avengers or Spider-man would be amazing its unlikley to happen due to the rivelry of Disney and Fox.

At the moment the movie has a release date of March 6th 2015 which is set to be an epic time for comic book movies.

Posted by Adi Mursec on December 9, 2012

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