Tom Welling not cast as Superman in Supergirl season 2

The new Supergirl TV show starring Melissa Benoist brought a lot of good memories back for fans of the original Smallvilel show. They share some of the production team and were made in a very similar way. With Superman always kept in the shadows on the first series there was always hope that Tom Welling might reprise his role of the Man of Steel and follow on from Smallville.

News came out a few weeks ago that Supergirl has moved from CBS to CW the original broadcaster behind Smallville and news followed shortly after that they were casting someone to play Superman. This would have been the perfect time for Tom Welling to join as Superman, Flash has been exploring alternative universes and one of those could have been one with Tom Welling’s Superman and Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl.

There is that one small hole int he logic which was that Laura Vandervoort played Supergirl on Smallville and also plays Brainiac on Supergirl but that could have been written into the story some how, who’s to say Brainiac’s appearance wasn’t based on an alternative universe Supergirl, they are both from Krypton.

The other real world problem stopping Tom Welling returning as Clark Kent was that at the time he was cast in another show for CBS called Section 13.

Section 13 didn’t get picked up after the pilot episode leaving a lot of fans thinking this is the perfect point for Welling to join the Supergirl cast but unfortunately it was too late for the Smallville star.

The good news is we are still going to see Superman in Supergirl season 2 as Tenn Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin has been cast as Clark Kent/Superman and will appear in a few episodes throughout the season.

Andrew Kreisberg said:

 “Greg [Berlanti] and I have wanted to work with Tyler for ages, so this worked out perfectly because Tyler is Superman. We are so thrilled and humbled to add another amazing actor to the legacy of this iconic character.”

I think Tyler isn’t the Superman a lot of people wanted but I’m sure he will do a fantastic job in the role. For any fans of Smallville still wanting to know what happened after season 10 there was a comic series which followed on and also this is the DC comics universe so literally anything can happen. Dr Manhattan could teleport in on an episode of Supergirl and bring back the Smallville universe or they might even explore the multiverse further in the Flash. There was evidence of a Kryptonian ship in the second season of the Flash so maybe that was another Superman. In the  multiverse there is an endless supply of different Superman.

Can you imagine how cool the CW DC universe would have been with the Smalville cast joining again. We could have even seen Michael Rosenbaum play Lex Luthor again.Superman of the multiverse

Posted by Adi Mursec on June 16, 2016


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