Crisis on Earth X review

Crisis on Earth X review

"I'm not sure how they can top this next year"

5/5 Reviewed by Adi Mursec

With most TV shows that have a good following you will find the creators will hold off on doing anything too adventurous as the same people tune in each week regardless what’s on. That’s not he case with CW, they seem to really value their DC comics shows and even more their fans. They have pulled off a four episode cross over story which connected all of their DC shows and delivered what to me is the coolest thing we’ve seen on TV since Happy Days.

The whole story started with Barry Allen and Iris West’s wedding which was a great way to bring everyone together in once place. And like any good television wedding it gets crashed, but not by an ex lover, distant family member or a clone of the pride. No, they went with Nazi’s from an alternative universe. Needless to say it was a good way to kick off the four episodes.

Out of all the CW DC characters I’m a fan of Supergirl the most, they have cast such a vibrant and positive person with Melissa Benoist she embodies all the best characteristics of Supergirl, yeah she can’t fly or have laser vision in real life but she does stand up against a crowd for what she believes in and seems to be a great role model for fans. In the cross over we see an evil Nazi version of her who needs a heart transplant which brings us the reason these evil versions of our heroes show up.

With it bring such a big event there are a few themes which run throughout which give motive for the story. We’ve got this long running struggle that Barry and Iris face to get married which shows just how strong a couple they are. All the odds are against them but they keep going until they tie the knot.

Then we’ve for the whole ‘What If” story which I always love, if everyone is born the same it’s cercumstance that defines what we become. In our main universe we see throughout that each hero needs some positive role models to enforce that determination to use their abilities for good. On Earth X the Nazi’s won the war and they we’re lead down very different paths. It’s that kind of depth that makes these characters likeable and is the reason for their success.  I think it makes them more human and a lot more relatable. I think it’s important when you base a world around people either bring a villain or hero when in real world people tend to flex between throughout their lives in one way or another.

I might be over thinking the whole concept of Earth X but I really love what CW did on this four episode cross over, it was so ambitious and pushed the bar for TV shows really high. I’m not sure how they could try to top this going forward. Usually when a TV show gets to season 3 or 4 they get a bit repetitive and they end up retelling the same story over and over again but I think now they have opened all the shows up to time travel and alternate universes they are making good use of years of DC comics best titles.

The main problem I had with this story line was that it needed it’s own series, like a whole season of all the heroes going to Earth X to fight evil versions of themselves, kill Nazis and liberate an entire world. Sure they helped the freedom fighters but it just felt like it needed more. But who know’s what the writers behind the show have planned. they might return to free Earth X in a cross over next year.

Posted by Adi Mursec on December 3, 2017


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