DCnU Superboy #1

The DCnU reboot has brought us 52 new issue #1’s. Many of which seem like more a continuation of the old series but a few like Action Comics and Superboy have made the most of a new start.

The story is from the great Scott Lobdell who has brought us some great comics over the years from Wildcats to Uncanny X-Men. Well versed in launching awesome new comic storied he has done an amazing job with the new Superboy.

The story begins with another redhead chick which I’ve noticed are prominent in the new DCnU which is pretty awesome, you can never have enough redhead comic chicks. This one is a scientist working on a thought to be failed project to combine Kryptonian with Human DNA.

Why the scientists needed to clone Kryptonian DNA is a mystery at this point but I can’t help but to speculate that DC have another death of Superman series planned to hit in 2015. So far there have been a few nods to this, the first was in Swamp Thing #1 where Superman states he died once. Next is in Superboy where the scientists try to push him towards being a hero like Superman by putting him through virtual trials. Also the fact that the story seems familiar to the original Death of Superman / Origin of Superboy story.

If you have got Action Comics and Superman on the standing order I would highly recommend adding this one too as it looks to connect the two series.

In coming issues of Superboy we will see how he deals with his powers in an Alien prison riot and how he find out about his true origin. It’s starting out to be a great series and comes well recommended.

Posted by Adi Mursec on September 23, 2011


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