Justice League Costume Reboot

Next week we will get the September Previews Magazine which will confirm a lot of the DC reboot speculations. Tonight we have the first images of the new look Justice League.

The ultimate team of super heroes is back in new costumes based on modernised versions of the ones we have grown to love for generations. Some of the old costumes are over 70 years old and due to many reasons some legal and some just to suit a new audience we have a new look super hero team.

This is the clearest picture of the Justice League we have had since the reboot was announced. The image was leaked by accident on Facebook as a preview of the SDCC Toon Tumbler glasses.

This is the first clear shot we have had of the new Batman costume and backs up the New Superman Costume and the recent new look at Supergirl’s NEw Costume too.

Posted by Adi Mursec on June 26, 2011


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