Transformers 3

The first official news was released in October from Michael Bay’s official site where they reported the next film has been pushed forward from some time in 2012 to July 1st 2011.

I think the main reason could be that Hasbro never thought the movie would be taken so well and with film franchises like Spider-man expanding to six movies maybe they can make what was once a three movie deal into a TF movie saga. Pretty awesome hay! the only problem would be if they decide to push back the Fathom movie again to make way for filming.

One of first rumours for Transformers 3 is the leading lady Megan Fox has only signed for the first few months of filming and may actually be killed off in this movie. Personally I can’t see it happening but moving the release date may have conflicted with another contract or maybe to make room for more robots.

Transformers 3 Cast

List of Transformers

Posted by Adi Mursec on December 5, 2009


New Bumblebee movie trailer

The first official movie trailer for Bumblebee has been released and it looks like it takes the Transformers movie franchise in a whole new direction.

Transformers: The Last Knight Review

I grew up watching Transformers cartoons and when I look back I think they had a subtle message in them, it was all about being an outsider and defending your adopted home. Sometimes it was just about a chase for energon and other times it was about kicking some Decepticon ass. We’re onto our fifth […]

Does Bumblebee become Hotrod the leader of the Autobots

One strange twist which seems to have been noticed in promotional art is the merger of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in some form

Official Transformers : The Last Knight Synopsis

The official synopsis for Transformers the Last Knight has been release thanks to and it gives us a little more insight into the new movies direction.

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