New Bumblebee movie trailer

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When Michael Bay stepped away from the Transformers franchise with his last movie we knew a reboot was on the way but it looks like they managed to sneak in this little gem before the reboot.

From the trailer it looks like Bumblebee will be a prequel to Michael Bay movies and could be the movie that the franchise needs to regain trust after the last few movies didn’t live up to first few.

The trailer gives a lot more information than it’s just a prequel. We also see what looks like a new Decepticon and I’m sure he’s one of many.

It’s a really interesting and fresh approach to what we’ve seen with the Transformers movies so far, with the last few movies it was a lot more obvious they just wanted to prioritise selling toys rather then building a solid story. This time it looks like they have built up on the story so far by giving us some back story along with introducing some new characters.

Christina Hodson is in charge of writing Bumblebee and is also working on Birds of Prey and Batgirl at the moment. It will be a nice change, with the last movie it felt like they had loads of writers each with their own script and they chose the worst bits from each and ran with it. I have a lot more hope for Hodson’s script.

With Michael Bay stepping away from directing it’s give Travis Knight the opportunity to take over. Again he’s not as well known as Bay but I have a lot of faith that he will deliver a really well movie with a lot of emotion and nice close ups of Bumblebee.

Posted by Adi Mursec on June 5, 2018

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