Ben Kingsley Is probably the Mandarin

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With the Avengers movie hitting the big screen world wide in the next few weeks we can start moving back to a run of the individual movies like Iron Man 3.

The latest news on Iron Man 3 takes us back to rumors from the IM2 days where we had news the Mandarin would be the main villain in the movie. We now have a very likely casting for the ten rings leader as Ben Kinglsey signs up to be one of the antagonists in Iron Man 3.

Kingsley would seem to be the perfect casting for the part and although initial rumors of the Mandarin being in Iron Man 3 had been shot down it would be unlikely that Marvel Studios would let what could be the last Iron Man movie go without introducing his arch nemesis.

The main story for IM3 is said to follow the Extremis story which was one of the most popular Iron Man graphic novels in the last decade. That being said there has never been a better time to introduce the Mandarin as the Ten Rings has been referenced in the movies since the first Iron Man movie when Tony Stark was kidnapped by the 10 Rings terrorist sect. The Marvel movie universe also has the magic / science cross over since introducing Thor which would give the Mandarin his trademark magic rings.

Who knows maybe we will get to see the legendary Fing Fang Foom make more than a cameo in the next movie too.

Posted by Adi Mursec on April 15, 2012

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