Behind the scenes of the Ironman 2 movie

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Set for an April release the second of Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr’s Ironman movies has already had a five minute trailer leaked from Comic Con and since has had little official information handed out about the movie.

This clip has interviews with both Robert and Jon about the second movie and talk about how the characters will evolve. It also has a few behind the scenes clips on set around the set of Iron man 2 including the lab where Tony Stark is building his own particle accelerator for some reason.

The clip itself is from a French website which also hosts the clip but it can be a bit hard to find and watch so here is it.

So far we have seen clips of Ironman in his new suit, Nick Fury and War Machine which wont be played by the original actor Terrence Howard who turned down a part in the sequel.

One thing I noticed in the clip was Jo Favreau’s thoughts on sequels and how the sequel is normally better than the first movie and the third movie wont be as good as either of the first two. Which could be a hint that he might not be back to direct the third.

Posted by Adi Mursec on October 17, 2009

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