Dragon Ball Battle of Gods trailer

Previously known as Dragon Ball 2013 the latest DBZ movie Battle of Gods has just had a full length teaser trailer released. The new trailer features some of the new villains along with just about all the classic characters in this one.

Looking through the trailer you can see just about every notable chracter from the original series from Oolong to the Ox King. It’s the first time Akira Toriyama has had into into the Anime and its not just the thought of this movie coming out thats exciting but what will happen next, could we see a Dragon Ball 2014 movie too?

Early reports say that the Mewtwo type guy is called “Bills” and will defeat Goku in the movie while the other god like guy with the scepter being called “Wiss” who looks to be even more powerful and has sights on detroying earth.

Posted by Adi Mursec on December 12, 2012


Dragon Ball Absalon Episode 2 released

The long awaited fan mini series Dragon Ball Absalon continues with episode 2. It pushes the bar on fan made cartoons through the roof.

Super Saiyan God Pictures from Battle of Gods

From one of the biggest Anime movies ever released we have the first pictures of Goku from when he reaches his Super Saiyan God transformation.

Dragon Ball Absalon episode 2 test footage

The team behind one of the most amazing fan made cartoons Dragon Ball Absalon have relased teaser footage of the second episode.

Dragon Ball 2013 synopsis

The synopsis for Dragon Ball : Battle of Gods has been released in Japanese and here’s a brief translation of what could be the Anime of the century.

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